By Jessie, January 10, 2019
Thank you for your feedback. It was very helpful.
However, it would be much helpful if you can explain more and perhaps give me an example instead of just saying 'there are problems with your sentence structure here' or 'try to paraphrase'.

By Kelly, November 29, 2018
Thank you for your helpful feedback.

I will work on planning my written pieces more before I start writing and work on my use of cohesive devices. Hopefully this will assist me to achieve higher task achievement and coherence and cohesion scores. 

By I-Man, October 30, 2018
Please correct me if I am wrong, I believe that when mentioning Philippines, an article 'The' is required to point out that the Philippines was formed by several islands. I am not sure why the examiner crossed out 'The'. 

By I-Man, October 24, 2018
Thank you so much. Your feedback is very insightful. I am to improve day by day. 

By WENJIE, September 16, 2018

By WENJIE, September 12, 2018
There are some ponits confusing me: Like the sentence "I am writing this letter to ...". The similar sentece was used in my Writing 3 but critised in my Writing 4. To be specific, teacher told me to omit "this letter". Does it matter in my assignment? Thanks

By Andrea, September 09, 2018
Thanks I really appreciate your feedback . However, I have a small question when I start the the letter as Dear Mr Smith, there is a full stop after the Mr ?

Kind Regards,
Andrea Varela.

By Andrea, August 06, 2018
Hi there, 

I have received my feedback. However, I would like to know if there is any website that you would recommend in order to improve the mistakes I am making when writing. 

Kind Regards,
Andrea Varela.

By Umesh, December 31, 2017
That was really a good feedback. Thanks for that.

By Emmanuel, December 30, 2017
Hi it would've been better if you pointed out my mistakes on my essays directyly. I want to know my mistakes kn the prepositions on task 2? And can you give  me an example on how I could use coordinating conjunctions on task 1? Thanks you

By WENJIE, December 30, 2017
Really helpful

By Jessie, December 16, 2017
I cannot believe this is happening to me. 
I bought 10 credits from ExpressIELTS paying 190$, and used the first one on the 10th of January. Today is the 15th of January and I still haven't received feedback. I contacted Express IELTS about this twice in the last 5 days but nobody answered.
They said they give feedback within 24 hours. if I knew that isn't true, I wouldn't have bought the credits.
I have IELTS exam on the 21st and all of my credits has become completely useless.

By Andres, November 26, 2017
Really good feedback, full of examples and links to sort out my mistakes.

By Yifang, November 26, 2017
Extremely helpful feedback! Appreciate it very much!

By Bodrul Islam, November 12, 2017
Thanks for your detailed feedback. I will try my best to do more proofreading, I feel not writing all the sentences would leave it unclear hence it gets longer.

By Sally, October 13, 2017
Very helpful! Thank you!

By Carolina, October 07, 2017
Thanks a lot for your feedback.

By dulan, September 06, 2017
thank for illuminate my mistake it is great help me to improve what i missed, i have done the exam several time but i got the 5.5 each time. i will upload few more task 

By Carolina, September 03, 2017
Excellent feedback. It is more than I was expected. 

By Jessie, August 28, 2017
I am not sure if the examiner who gave me the feedback will see this, but if so, thank you very much for your effort.
Unfortunately, this is quite disappointing. It was the 4th feedback I got, and each time I could clearly see that each examiner has a different style. I can match them although it is anonymous. However, I would really appreciate if this certain examiner can give me more details and in-depth information so that it can be more helpful. (The first feedback I got was marvellous.) The comments I got today was comparably short and superficial. It would be great if there were more comments on the corrected essay. Also, if I can suggest something, it would be nice that students can also check who the examiner is, at least their nicknames. Thank you 

By Wai Pan, August 27, 2017
Very useful, thanks for the clear explanation on how to improve my weakness part step by step. Some of the mistakes, i was read in some of my ielts materials before but i did not realized.

I will keep using this excellent service until i get my ielts exam done. Thanks a lot!

By Juan, August 25, 2017
That is a great and helpful tool to identify all the writing weaknesses. Also, it advises and guide how to develop writing skills. Great job!

By Lei, August 24, 2017
Get it, I will try to improve my drawbacks mentioned above. Many thanks

Regrads, Lei

By Kyungpil, August 18, 2017
Thanks for feedback. I will write more essays after studying feedback. Thanks again.

By Ruchira, August 16, 2017
thanks a lot for the feed back, looking forward to climb to a  higher score.

By Stanley, August 11, 2017
It gives me a useful advice as usual

By Stanley, August 10, 2017
Examiner check my essay carefully and point every single mistake out, then give you an explain in detail. It is a useful feedback as before. Thank you for your time.

By Gabriel, August 09, 2017
wow, I was not expecting this kind of feedback, and im not refering to the grade of my essay but the actual feedback, very complete, loved the that is personalized, will definitely keep submitting and tell my friends about it.

the details of the comments made it easy to see where to focus.

very satisfied with the service, hope to see more progress in my next submissions.


By Stanley, August 08, 2017
it is a clear and helpful explanation. Thank you for your time 

By Stanley, August 07, 2017
its a useful feedback. Thank you for your time.

By Ruchira, August 03, 2017
thanks for the swift work
i may have taken almost full time to write
and appreciate if you could give some push on time management specifically for task 2,  40 minutes is some times crucial.
in other words action plan 
your feed back is perfect and for the supporting materials.

By Shitanshoo, July 29, 2017
Thanks for the feedback , its very useful in fixing my mistakes.

By Anuja, July 24, 2017
Thanks for providing feedback. I will work on it. ☺

By List, July 24, 2017
Hie, i submitted my task 3 and 4 about three days ago and i am still awaiting feedback. Please help

List Ncube

By JIAMIN, July 20, 2017
Quite good feedback. It is helpful. Thank you very much.

By JIAMIN, July 16, 2017
Detailed feedback. It is really helpful. Thank you very much.

By Erica , July 14, 2017
thank you for helping me. i'll check those websites. praying that i can improve more 

By JIAMIN, July 14, 2017
Detailed feedback. Very useful. Thank you very much.

By JIAMIN, July 11, 2017
A lot of helpful tips. Will practice more following those tips.thanks very much.

By JIAMIN, July 08, 2017
It is very helpful. Thank you very much.

By JIAMIN, July 07, 2017
It is very detailed and helpful. The feedback provides a lot of study sources as well. Thank you very much.

By JIAMIN, July 05, 2017
Detailed, helpful and professional feedback. Thanks so much for that.

By JIAMIN, July 03, 2017
Thanks for the detailed correction. It is really helpful.

By Alejandro, June 23, 2017
thank you very much

By Alejandro, June 19, 2017
thank you very much for the feedback

By Olamide, June 17, 2017
You guys are the best and am glad i stumbled on your website. God bless you

By Lei, June 16, 2017
To whom it may concern,

I spend one week on practising my writing here at ExpressIELTS. Tomorrow I will take my last IELTS exam. According to all correction, suggestion and comments on my five essays, I have noticed all issues about why I am always staying at 6-6.5. Though I am not sure whether under an atmosphere of actual exam I can amend such errors and improve my writing or not, I will thank to all the help from examiners here. Thanks again to all you guys.

Best Regards,
Lei Zhang

By Lei, June 16, 2017
To whom it may concern,

I spend one week on practising my writing here at ExpressIELTS. Tomorrow I will take my last IELTS exam. According to all correction, suggestion and comments on my five essays, I have noticed all issues about why I am always staying at 6-6.5. Though I am not sure whether under an atmosphere of actual exam I can amend such errors and improve my writing or not, I will thank to all the help from examiners here. Thanks again to all you guys.

Best Regards,
Lei Zhang

By Lei, June 15, 2017
To whom it may concern,

I spend one week on practising my writing here at ExpressIELTS. Tomorrow I will take my last IELTS exam. According to all correction, suggestion and comments on my five essays, I have noticed all issues about why I am always staying at 6-6.5. Though I am not sure whether under an atmosphere of actual exam I can amend such errors and improve my writing or not, I will thank to all the help from examiners here. Thanks again to all you guys.

Best Regards,
Lei Zhang

By fatma, June 15, 2017
thank you very much 

By Lei, June 14, 2017
Many thanks, I think I have noticed and gotten access to what and how to write. I will do more to achieve better scores.

Best regards,

By manpreet, June 13, 2017
Hello Sir/Madam,
At first, I would like to thanks for your appreciation. There are some terms for which i need some illustration such as referencing and reading periodicals. 

Thank you

By Lei, June 11, 2017
To whom it may concern,
Thanks so much for your help, correction and advice on my essay. I hope that my next four essays (T1 and T2) can also be assessed by you, since you may advice more on my progress if this is possible. And I will try my best to correct all errors you mentioned and achieve a better score in my exam.

By Yuta, June 09, 2017
 Good evening! Thank you so much your effective advice and I'm really sorry that I sent this message at the Friday's night. But let me ask you. I would like to check my sentence has wrong spells or not within it. So, if you are ok, please tell me how to check my paper that was already checked which had spells mistaken by you. 

By Anuja, May 28, 2017
I loved the way you presented the feedback, I will now strive hard to work on weak area. Thanks.

By Jessie, May 26, 2017
Thank you for your comment, but for some reason I can't check 'corrected essay' file. I would appreciate it if you can help me with this. 

By Alejandro, May 26, 2017
thank you very much

By Thivakaran, May 25, 2017
Thank you for the feedback, I will correct my mistakes in the following essays. 

By seongjun, May 22, 2017
Big thank you for very helpful feed back. I will follow your instruction well and desire to have a great score. 

By German, May 09, 2017
Thank you for your feedback, it is very useful 

By Xun, May 07, 2017
Thank you for your feedback, I have already achieve my target score. Thank you so much. 

By Xun, May 03, 2017
good feedback, thx

By Xun, May 03, 2017
Thanks for your feedback. By the way, if my argument is not commonly accepable, you can point it out and give me a better one. 

By Xun, April 18, 2017
I would like to suggest that if you find my argument is not very common or any logical issues in the eassy, you can point it out.

By Xun, April 02, 2017
very good comment, thank you so much. I got band 8 in writng, but i only 5.5 in speaking, really frustrated. 

By Xun, March 22, 2017
Thx for your professional feedback, but i have a couple of questions. Agree with vs Agree to, i have checked the dictionary. Agree to sth means "to accept something", so can i write "I agree to the view under some circumstances". In my opinion, agree with should be used for somebody, i am not sure.  

By Wajdi, March 20, 2017
Thank you so much.

By Olivia, March 10, 2017
I like your feed back when you give me the list of wrong details that I can work on..thanks

By Olivia, March 03, 2017
thanks for the feedback .. I am gonna keep trying

By Olivia, February 15, 2017
it does help... its not easy to improve but I will try my best.. thank you

By Olivia, February 15, 2017
thanks for the feedback

By Xun, February 11, 2017
sorry, fulfill is for American English?

By Kara, February 04, 2017
Thanks for the detailed comments. The tutor pointed out the mistakes I have made for few years and gave me some useful links to get improvements. I will truly recommend ExpressIELTS to my friends who are preparing for IELTS test.

By Xun, February 04, 2017
THX, comprehensive feedback

By Xun, January 31, 2017
good feedback

By Xun, January 29, 2017

By Nadir, November 25, 2016
Very comprehensive comments with advises.
It taught me a lot.

By fatma, November 15, 2016
thanks for your feed back

By Jordan, November 13, 2016
Dear the gracious examiner, 

Thank you so much for your meticulous marking, which absolutely turned out to be beneficial to me. 

By the way, would you advise me more about how to distinguish between the formal format and the informal one? Also, is it possible to adopt a semi-formal format when writing a letter in ielts?

Looking forward to your kind reply.Thank you.


By Zhiqiang, November 10, 2016
Thanks Cathy. I will pay more attention to using appropriate articles and collocations.

By Angellita, November 03, 2016
very detail information and correction. thank you.

By fatma, October 30, 2016
thank you for help 

By fatma, October 22, 2016
Thank you so much this is helpful

By Romain, October 22, 2016
The feedback is very detailed as usual! Thank you
Just one thing, when i download the corrected essay, this is not mine that appears!!! Could you please solve this problem. Thank you

By Romain, October 21, 2016
The feedback is very detailed as usual!
Thank you! It helps a lot ;-)

By Urmi, October 15, 2016
Excellent feedback and resources in order to improve writing.

By Diana Joy, September 22, 2016
very clear feedback on what can be improved and the reason why. thank you very much!

By abril, September 22, 2016
very helpful!thanks

By abril, September 22, 2016
Hi. This is very helpful. Thank you. However, i have 1 problem, the download corrected essays is on HTML. i am able to see it on my mac. any advice please.

By Diana Joy, September 13, 2016
The reviewer has a keen eye on even the smallest of the details! All the feedback makes a lot of sense. Thank you very much for all the recommendations!

By Hasan , September 08, 2016
Many thanks .. your feedback gave me confidence! 


By AHMED M, August 29, 2016
Thank you very much indeed for your valuable feedback.

With thanks,


By Shang, August 28, 2016
Thanks for your comments and I have a question.

If I don't have an opposite view, how to develop paragraph 3?
My idea was supporting the new laws in paragraph 2 then added a few more ideas in paragraph 3 to extend the topic a little more.

Any suggestion? Thanks.

Chen Shang

By Romain, August 25, 2016
Thank you again for the detailed feedback!!! It s very useful as it enables me to improve my writing!!!

By Jiayu, August 19, 2016
thank you very much! 

By asma, August 18, 2016
Thank you for the feedback, but how can I improve my writing ?

By Romain, August 18, 2016
thank you, the feedback is very useful as usual!

By Jiayu, August 18, 2016
thank you for the feedback, I will  focus more on task one!

By Jiayu, August 14, 2016
Thank you for the advice, it's very useful!

By Jiayu, August 07, 2016
I will keep an eye on these problems, thank you very much!

By Arian , August 07, 2016
Hi there
I feel my first essay correction had been more thorough with details, I have no idea if you even have corrected my second page of tasks 2 or not! If yes where it's feedback?
I would like to know about the essay structure feedback as well as more explanation on your corrected sentences. For example not just try to find something else for this word or...
I sent you an email  which has been unreplied for some reasons.

By Hasan , August 06, 2016
thank you .. will submit another essay later today.

By Khalid, August 05, 2016
Thank you very much for the useful feedback 

By Mingu, August 02, 2016
Thank you for your kind feedback. Although I am a native speaker, my writing has not been my strength and this is a great opportunity for me to improve these skills. I made the science up for task 2 by the way lol.

By sarah, July 30, 2016
thank you for your input
unfortunately it is very difficult for me to increase my score up to a 7

By Romain, July 27, 2016
The feedback is useful and i really appreciate the recommendations.
Thank you

By Daniane, July 27, 2016
I really like to see your feedbacks. They are very detailed and clear. It is easy to understand my wrongs and try to correct them. Thank you so much. Good work!

By Jiayu, July 27, 2016
Thank you for the feedback, it is very useful.
Hope I can get progress after practice more! 

By Khalid, July 26, 2016
Thank you for your helpful feedback. 
How can I jump from band 7 to band 8? 

By sarah, July 22, 2016
thank you , how much would i score on word count since i find it difficult to reach the required target

By Mohammed, July 13, 2016
Thanks for the correction speed, and all feedback.

By Khalid, July 11, 2016
Thank you very much for your efforts. 
Actually, I'm a little bit frustrated when it comes to task 1. I tried to do my best to group the information given on the graph and to use different vocabularies to compare data. Moreover, I get stuck and confused in the middle of the analysis and I usually run out of time.
Frankly speaking, Task 1 is so difficult.
I would appreciate your help on this aspect 

Kindest regards,  

By Ewelina, July 06, 2016
Thank you for your substantive feedback and advices.

By fatma, July 04, 2016
thank you very much for feedback  am really happy to see these result especially task 1 i hope i will get these result in real exam 

By Khalid, July 02, 2016
Thank you very much for your feedback. 
Regarding task 1, I am still encountering difficulties and confusion when it comes to grouping the data for comparison. 
I would appreciate your help to conquer this problem. 


By sahar, June 28, 2016
Thank you for your feedback which is help me a lot. Some time as you said I cant complete one sentence or one Idea with a clear outcome 

By fatma, June 25, 2016
Thank you very much for  your feedback  I am  really  happy  to see improving in my writing  next time my be much better

By satvir, June 24, 2016
fantastic comments. helped me to realize my mistake areas.

By fatma, June 23, 2016
thank you very much for your feedback i will work heard to improve my essay .i already expect these score because i always did seem mistake. 

By Yukihiro, June 23, 2016
Thank you Teacher for the clear feedback and the support (Lucy)  on chatting even in very early morning!

By jomer, June 14, 2016
Thank you very much for the feedback! Now I know what mistakes I keep on doing in writing essays. I am not anymore clueless of the errors that I always do. Thanks a lot!

By Romain, June 02, 2016
Thank you again! Great feedback!

By Romain, May 31, 2016
Great feedback as usual!

Just two questions if i get 7 for task 1 and 6.75 task 2, would i get 7 overall?
instead of "Both views of this debate will be covered in this essay", what should i write?

By Romain, May 30, 2016
Thank you so much for the feedback, it is so useful.
This website deserves to be known!

By CHUN, May 30, 2016
Again, really appreciate your help! Hopefully with next few days of practise, I can achieve my goal :)

By CHUN, May 29, 2016
OMG, thank you for checking my work thoroughly! 
A quick question, I'm not too sure about my current writing skills, do you think its accurate that the score 6 have been given for these two tasks? As I can see I've make quite a lot of mistakes ... I was running out of time, had to rush it a little.

Going to have my IELTS test next Saturday, do you think its possible to improve my writing to a solid band 6.5? As 6.5 is the minimum entry for the programme I'm applying.

Look forward to hearing back from you very soon, i think ill purchase another 5 credits, as for me, this is the most reliable way to know how I'm doing?

By kevin, May 27, 2016
Thank you for your advice.

Regards Kevin

By rabindra, May 27, 2016

Thanks for providing me corrected essays and I am glad that I am on the way to 7.

But I couldn't find any suggestions in corrected essays for Task achievement and coherence and cohesion for task 2 as I just got 6 in each. It will be highly appreciated if you can provide me best answers for coherence and cohesion to score 7 in my essay task 2.


By kevin, May 24, 2016
Here is the situation, when I was taking the real test, even I did some proofreading I did not have enough time to fix them within two or three minutes. Another more important issue is the space between the last and next sentence must be suitable for adding some words or doing some adjustments. However, the adjustments normally affect the whole essay which could possibly leads to a lower score. Could you give me some suggestions?

By Surya, May 06, 2016
Thank you so much , today next 2 hours I will do writing test...Lucky me I got this before the test.Very helpful,,,

By Eva, May 06, 2016
Thank you for great feedback!

By Eva, May 01, 2016
Thank you for such a great and detailed feedback. It was the best  and most useful feedback I have ever got at this web pages. I hope more of my essays will be corrected by you. Thank you!

By Eva, April 30, 2016
I would appreciate more tips how to higher my score in lexical resources for both tasks . And some tips for  higher  score for task achievement in task 2. I keep having score 7 and dont know how to improve.

By Edita, April 28, 2016
Hi all,
I can honestly say that my writing has improved thanks to this service. I can concentrate on my weak areas which have been pointed out to me. Feedbacks are constructive although a bit repetitive now - probably because I keep making the same mistakes ( misspelling, commas, cohesion). Overall, I am a happy customer.

By Eva, April 23, 2016
Thank you!  What  should I change to get higher task achievement? I need to get higher marks

By Tong, April 22, 2016
Thank you

By EUNJI, April 22, 2016

 I have a question.
As writing a flow chart, is it right that it writes  the passive form and verb is the present form?
add to another a question.
what is the different conjunction?
I want to know more conjunction.


By Devjyoti, April 21, 2016
Thank you Express IELTS team for your effective feedback. I will work on those areas which you have pointed out. 

I will submit more writing as well.

Thank you!

By kevin, April 16, 2016
I am trying hard to stabilize my score. I can get a band 7.5 or as low as 5.5 depending on different topics. When you are in a test, that will not a good thing for gambling. So keep practicing and focusing on my errors is the only way to get better. Thanks

By Fabricio , April 15, 2016
Excellent !  I confess that I've searched a little bit before start this writing. I totally recognize my weakness and I?ll workout on it.   

By Fabricio , April 13, 2016
I am impressed with this feedback. I have never seen, even in the best english school with excellents recommendations, such great job.


By kevin, April 13, 2016
Very detailed comments and all my errors have been addressed. I have learned a lot from your feedback and looking forward to achieve my target in near future under your kindly help.

By Surya, April 09, 2016
very satisfy,I am so happy you told me everything. it's very helpful so I know my weakness.Thank you So Much, I Will try again before i took the IELTS...

By Andrea, April 01, 2016
Hi after two months :).

I came back to study again for my next ielts since I didn't get the score I need for a bit. I will keep studying hard until I get the score I need.

Thank you very much

By Andrea, March 24, 2016

Yes, I am practicing on the real IELTS answer sheet and I have been doing it with pen for the the last three writings. Before I was writing in a note book but I realize that the proper answer sheet was smaller so I had to write more words in every line :). I will have my IELTS next Saturday so I will try to write more this rest of the week. Thank you!!!!  

By Andrea, March 19, 2016
Thank you. With every correction I learn something new. I did not know that I did not need an overall for a process description. I keep practicing.

By Junghwan , March 15, 2016
The best writing correction service ever!!!
An excellent marking system which helps students understand what their strengths and weaknesses are.
A kind and thorough advice on writing works to improve writing performance.
Overall, this is an amazing IELTS writing preparation service for those who need high score in writing.

By Shang, March 13, 2016
Thanks for the information.

I have a generic question:
Given the limited time, which area should I pay more attention to will more likely result in a quick improvement?

Chen Shang

By Andrea, March 10, 2016

Thank you for your feedback, Some comments are repetitive but it is okay :), that help me to improve my writings. Thanks for the links I haven't check them but I'll do it today. 
I keep practicing, mostly in the task one that for me is the harder one.

I just have a question, can you please give me a feedback about the structure (mainly task 2) for example if my introductions are well written. Also whether the paragraphs are written in a logic way, whether they have main ideas and they are developed properly in the paragraph.
I would like to know if I can improve the structure of my writings.

Thank you


By Andrea, March 05, 2016
Thank you. I keep practicing

By Edita, March 04, 2016
thank you for your feedback. Now I know my weak points, I can work on them. Very helpful!

By Andrea, March 02, 2016
Thank you for the links you have sent me, I found them very useful. Any idea of how can I learn to use a variety of terms and phrases and   change a sentence? Maybe do you know a formula or a way to do it quickly during the test?.

I can see that this problem (mentioned above) is dragging my score down in lexical resource. But I haven't be able to improve it :(

Thank you very much for all your advice and help. :). I keep practicing.

By Andrea, February 19, 2016

I really appreciate all your advises. Yes I have problems choosing the right word form :(. for correcting this I am writing over and over some words in many forms, I hope this works. 
Although my writings have improved in overall, I need to work on doing the tasks in less time and then having the chance to proofread it. I think, if I have time to proofread I could probably fix some mistakes. :). However, I am very happy because I can see that, with your recommendations and my effort I will get the band I need. 
I also decide to get another five more credits and keep practicing until I take the test. 

Thank you and talk to you soon :)

By Jake, February 17, 2016
Thank you so much. very useful tips!

By Andrea, February 12, 2016
I really appreciate your feedback since is greatly useful to improve my writing skills. I also saw that this time a got a better naked score for both tasks. Thanks to your advices :). However, for task 1 I do not understand why you said that I did not write a "conclusion" (I know for task 1 one must write an overview not a conclusion), which I wrote in my first paragraph just after the introduction. Please see bold words below.
 ?The bar graph illustrates, the number of students by gender, who navigate on internet at Redwood Secondary School over an eight-year period, 1995 to 2002. Overall it is noticeable that over the period as a whole the use of internet rose in both sexes.?
I have also read that is recommended that students put the overview at the beginning just in case they run out of time and do not do an overview at the end. 
Thank you again and looking forward to your comments  

By Andrea, February 09, 2016
Thank you very much for the feedback. This has been the best contribution I'd had to improve my writing skills.  Now I can focus on what I have to correct and I have a lot of work to do :). I really appreciate your help
Talk to you soon

By Mahshad, February 05, 2016
Thank you very much, it was a thorough correction with very helpful comments. I wonder how I can ask my questions about the comments

By rajpreet, February 02, 2016
thanx a lot teacher , could u plz give me some links for good readings for task 1 and 2, and for use of connectors such as, although, however, while etc with examples. i will be thankful.

By Maria, January 30, 2016
Thank you so much for all tips ! It is really helpful :)

By Jake, January 20, 2016
Thanks for your comment! The previous ones were actually 2 hours job,I did not follow a time limit of 20 mins and 40mins. This one I took only 50 mins to finish off both task 1 and task 2. It seems not as good as previous essays.

I have registered another two exams in a row on Feb 18th and Feb 20th because haven't got my score last time. I have put my target score as 8 (7 is ok for me to get PR visa) because I want to get more motivation from the higher target. I will put more effort and have more practice in hand-writing and upload my hand writing jobs for the left credits.

Thank you so much again for your detailed feedback, very helpful. really appreciate.

cheers Jake

By rajpreet, January 19, 2016
Hi teacher, could u plz tell me that as word teachers is given in the question, then do i need to focus on just teachers throughout my response or is it ok if i do not mention it al all in my essay?  i was just confused about the question actually.
thanx for ur feedback.

By rajpreet, January 15, 2016
Hi teacher, coukd u plz give me some link for connectors in ielts task 1 ,2. for example, where to use however and whether with some details and examples of their use.
i will be thankful

By YAQIAN, January 14, 2016
it is better if you can give a good example of a good essay

By Shang, January 13, 2016
Thanks for the detailed comment!

My questions:

1. Task 1 point 5: I planned to have three things forming one subject, i.e. Fantastic food, lovely environment, especially an old friend to chat and laugh with, those 3 things should form one subject, followed by a clause, "all of which", is the grammar correct? Furthermore, my intention was though subject part 1 "food" and part 2 "environment" are important, part 3 "an old friend" is more important, which is why I used "especially". What is the best way to express this?

2. Task 1 point 13: I thought the clause "we could share our stories" didn't need an object, therefore used "when".

3. Task 1 point 22: two reasons I used "could": first, main clause used past tense verb, i.e. heard; second, possible but uncertain.

Chen Shang

By Indra, January 12, 2016
Thank you for the feedback.this is great to buid up my confidence to see where I am and develope myself to the target.Will continue to use this site.

By Shang, January 10, 2016
Very detailed and constructive feedback!

I have two questions:
1. Can you indicate the "common words" that were used and also suggested "less common words"?
2. The "Send pdf to my email (with comment)" function in didn't work. I realised that it did not ask me to enter my email address. Can you help update my email there?

By Verton, January 06, 2016
thx a lot!

By Verton, January 05, 2016

By rajpreet, January 04, 2016
Hi teacher, could u plz give me some link for good readings .

By Otgonchimeg, January 03, 2016
I was pleased with essential comments and corrections on my mistakes. Thanks a lot.

By Jake, January 01, 2016
Thank a lot. The quizzes are really helpful.

By KAMALJIT, December 28, 2015
I loved the way i got thorough feedback. boosted up my confidence and showed me the way to improve my marks.

Thank you

By Jake, December 28, 2015
Hi Thanks again for your comments and advice, very helpful for me. :)

How many uncommon words do you reckon to use in task 2? around 5-10?

By Otgonchimeg, December 22, 2015
Very useful comments, I am satisfied. 

By muye , December 17, 2015
Hi Teacher,

Could you please just teach me how to write it when you want me to use another sentence.
Because I think I am out of words. But I'd like to know how to write it if you can just tell me this is a better way to say it.


By Jake, December 15, 2015
Thank you so much.

I have read through all corrections, very helpful for me. 

What score do you reckon this essay can get after the corrections done?

By muye , December 15, 2015
Thanks for your mark.

1. write reach the highest level intead of reach the largest next time.
2. write followed by a slight decrease or a slight a decrease took place in instead followed by a slight decrease took place in

3. students who study isntead of students study.
4. the beneftis it brings

By Otgonchimeg, December 11, 2015
Satisfied with the review and comments.

By Verton, December 10, 2015
Much appreciated! ty

By ANDREA, December 10, 2015
Thank you so much for this detailed feedback. Great quality and extremely timely, which is perfect for me as I am sitting my exam tomorrow morning. 
I will certainly review the points discussed above to make sure I ace my test. :)

By Jessica, December 08, 2015
Thank you for this feedback. It's interesting to understand the elements that constitute the scoring and also to see the mistakes I made.

By Otgonchimeg, December 05, 2015
I am satisfied with the feedback and comments. It was very helpful.

By Verton, December 02, 2015
thx a lot

By Verton, November 29, 2015
thx a lot , much appreciated

By muye , November 27, 2015
Hi, I remember last time you told me to write "looking at the detail" instead of "looking at the details", so I got confused this time. What is the difference between these two cases?

By Jianyang, November 27, 2015
Thanks for your comment at first. It makes me earn a lot, but some comment still confuse me. For example, in the conclusion part in of Task 2, you had told me that I had contradicted myself, but my opinion is surely that, I don't fully agree or disagree with this statement. How can I express this idea more exactly, and make it as a paragraph? Thanks a lots. 


By Selen , November 27, 2015
Thank you very much for your review.

By muye , November 25, 2015
Hi mate,

I am not sure about the underline arrow in task 1. Could you tell me what do you mean? Thanks.

By Verton, November 17, 2015
Hi Marian,thx for correcting my papers.  i have been told by many people that contractions can be used in writing task1 when the task is informal. i am a little bit confused here. what is your advice?

By Yucong, November 17, 2015
they are helpful and come into details.

By Verton, November 16, 2015
Thx very much, all your suggestions are very useful, i will keep them in mind. 

By Lee, November 16, 2015
Thank you for the feedback. I was not expecting 5 for some of the criteria in task 1. I think I should practise more on my weak skills. 

By Yucong, November 15, 2015
Helpful tips for my further practice

By Pamela, November 10, 2015
Thank you for the feedback, although I was not expecting 5 for some of the criteria in task 1. I would really like if you could give me more feedback about how to improve my sentences for task 1. 

Pamela Rodriguez

By muye , October 30, 2015
1. use becoming instead of remained when situation changed.
2. use in other words in task 2.

By muye , October 29, 2015
1. write 270 words in task 2.
2. the problem of animal experiments instead of the problem of animal experiment.

By muye , October 28, 2015
1. write looking at the detail, or specifically instead of put it in details.

2. write about 170 words in task one.

3. do not narrow the topic.
4. it is easy to imagine that

By Yang, October 23, 2015
Very helpful! 

By Lichuan, October 22, 2015
Thank you very much for the feed back! :)

I know that I have to describe the trend more in the task one analysis. I will work on that. 

I am also aware that I sometimes use the same word too frequently. I will try avoiding that as well.

Also my answers tend to be similar and I would like to explore other styles of IELTS writing. But my study resource is limited.

Could you recommend me some IELTS writing samples or websites that I can learn from?

Thank you!

By lovepreet, October 21, 2015
Thanks a lot sir.

By lovepreet, October 19, 2015
hello sir,

In real, i need six band. I tried ielts exam already for five times. But everytime i got 5.5 band in writing. It is very urgent this time to get 6 band. Please help me as much you can.


By Laura Margarita, October 18, 2015
Hi There,

Thank you for you feedback. Much appreciated. I would like to know if the punctuation I am using is correct? Also, is it correct to use the word THE is this 2 cases?
The majority of THE community
The majority of THE society.
Also, which is the correct way,  The dollar rate IN the market or AT the market?
Thank you.

By Lichuan, October 02, 2015
Thank you so much for your feedback! And also thanks for the previous feedback as well.

I actually wrote the essays on a notebook using pencil at first and then typed my answers on the site because, like you said, the actual test will require writing.

Regarding test one, I have some problems about the use of the word 'figure'. I wonder what the plural form of the word is. Is it 'figures' or just 'figure', or does it differ according to different contexts?

By Lichuan, September 22, 2015
Thank you for the great insight.